Sunblock, surf shirts, skin repair, and the summer sun.

We all remember those days at the beach when we were kids – indestructible, tireless, and covered in Coppertone by our anxious moms.  “You’ll get a sunburn!” was the inevitable comment when we squirmed and complained that we didn’t need sunblock.  Alas, the fateful day, the first time we actually got a sunburn, and the smell of Noxema as it was smeared across our sore shoulders before bedtime.

Luckily, the Aussies came up with surf shirts – or rashguards – which are actually really great, comfortable and lightweight mesh shirts that don’t get heavy when wet and dry very quickly.  I definitely still need to grab that can of 30+ sunblock spray, but a surf shirt is an extra added bonus.  Oh, yeah, and zinc oxide for my nose.  LOL  So, what do ya do when you’ve been out in the sun for far too long, surf shirt and sunblock spray aside, and you end up with a sunburn anyway?  There are several home remedies that might help sooth the wounded epidermis, but do they really work?

I’ve heard a lot of crazy tales, from yogurt mixed with honey and lemon juice (potato chip dip?) to vinegar rubbed onto the skin (sounds painful, right!) to wet baking soda with aloe vera gel.  Is there any way to repair a sunburn after the damage is done?  Probably not, it’s kinda like a sun-hang-over, but keeping your skin hydrated with aloe vera or a soothing vitamin D cream and taking extra vitamin C does help.  The problem is not scratching when it starts to itch and peel.  Trust me, after sailing off Cape Cod for 20 years and spending entire summer weekends surfing at Coast Guard and Nauset Light beaches, there is no cure except perhaps an ice cold margarita at the Beachcomber.  ; )


And that is what’s up with Mayflower Stitchery!



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