Yeah, it feels like summer… – Weezer

Hard to believe that it’s already the end of July!  For some reason, I have not completed my task list for the second week in July.  Nor the third week.  Le sigh.

Well, geez, doesn’t everybody get distracted in the summer time?  Still, no excuse for getting behind.  A buddy of mine who lives in the mountains in Colorado suggested that I start making throw pillows that look like nautical signal flags.  LOL  I hated to remind him that I’ve been making exactly that item for years!  I think it’s time for a recharge on my original items, so I’ve posted pix of a couple of my best sellers.  If you don’t see the letters or numbers you are looking for, let me know, every letter and number is available.  I’ve had a lot of requests for sets of three pillows, usually in large 22″ squares, for O.M.G. and L.O.L. (as well as W.T.F.).  Special orders are always welcome!

Nautical Flag Style Pillow

Not much time to ruminate, too much to catch up on!

So, that is what’s up with Mayflower Stitchery!

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